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Congratulations to the 6 Artists Selected for Next Level Creative Mentorships

Christopher Bryant, Sarah Carroll, Jennifer Hankin, Zac Misfud, Dr Laura (Amara) Osweiler and Grace Valerie-Lynette will each receive a mentorship within a leading performing arts organisation and $3000 in project funding to develop an innovative new project... READ MORE>>

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Australian Podcast Award Nominees

Below are the nominations for the Australian Podcast Awards, powered by iHeart, as chosen by over 100 independent judges... READ MORE>>


Queer Screen Pitch Off Finalists

Queer Screen’s fantastic opportunity to win $10,000 in funding for a short film project is on again! Pitch Off is running for the fifth time this year! We’ve narrowed down the field to these six finalists.... READ MORE>>


Screen Australia announces $2 million for nine online projects

Flunk (season five): A 40 x 8-min teen drama for YouTube. Picking up from earlier seasons, which have amassed 90 million views to date, season five explores identity, peer pressure, and bullying in an outer Melbourne high school. Writer/director Ric Forster and producer Melanie Rowland are joined by writers Grace Valerie-Lynette, Pippa Whishaw, Rhian Wilson, and Sophie Joske... READ MORE>>

PACT: Sound Out the Streets Artists

At the end of the day, as sunset draws near, Sound Out the Street brings performance, music, and visual art to the street in an activation of Erskineville Village ... READ MORE>>

Congratulations to the 2022 CBAA Community Radio Award Winners

With an interest in stories portraying queer teens coming of age in odd and strange ways, Grace Valerie-Lynette is a contemporary writer and honest storyteller with a penchant for using... READ MORE>>

New Jersey Webfest 2022 Nominees

Below are the nominees for Narrative Fiction Podcasts, Actual Play Podcasts, and Actual Play Livestreams... READ MORE>>


Sydney Webfest 2022 Winners

And the winners of the 2022 Sydney Web Fest are... READ MORE>>

New Zealand Web Festival Nominations 2022

And our 2022 festival line up is... READ MORE>>


Sydney Webfest Creator Panel

📣📣 CREATOR PANELS 📣📣 We’ve got two panels on the menu for you tomorrow, hosted by our festival director... READ MORE>>


Bro, We Should Start A Podcast!

A discussion pitfalls of podcasting, missteps and how to not make common mistakes. Walking through scripting, developing and promoting scripted podcast. What is the podcasting landscape?... READ MORE>>


A Screen of Their Own

We’ve come a long way since the old days of Hollywood, when the Hays code relegated queer representations to winks and nudges. Today, the screen plays an important role for authentic queer representation... READ MORE>>


Grace Valerie-Lynette on creating Twinemies

Twinemies is a new musical comedy podcast from SYN Media, Sammy talks to writer and creator Grace Valerie-Lynette about inspirations, the journey to bring it together, and the kinds of queer relationships... READ MORE>>

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Audio Ability Mentors | Accessible Training

As part of Audio Ability we wanted to engage mentors who were passionate about and experienced in radio as well as being people who were neurodiverse, have access needs or people with disability... READ MORE>>


TWINEMIES podcast streaming now!

Twinemies’ – the cheesiest, gayest, and sappiest podcast of 2022, is a queer teen romcom musical. Produced through SYN Media’s... READ MORE>>

Broadway World Interview | Grace Valerie-Lynette on her new podcast Twinemies

Next up on my local artist interview segment is the amazing Grace Valerie-Lynette, the writer and producer of new comedy podcast that's climbing up the charts, Twinemies... READ MORE>>


SYN Incubator Podcast Twinemies Launches

After months of hard work from writer and producer Grace Valerie-Lynette her podcast Twinemies has launched. CBF funded the SYN Podcast Incubator – a mentoring and professional... READ MORE>>


Queer rom-com turned musical podcast? ‘Twinemies’ is a sensation for the ears

Excerpt: "The awkwardness that comes with teenagerhood tends to be ridiculed throughout popular culture. Twinemies however, takes the theme of teen vulnerability seriously. It acknowledges..." READ MORE>>


Review: Twinemies: A Podcast Musical

Excerpt: "The songs written for the musical are honest, quite beautifully haunting and at times painfully relatable, and have created a wonderful collection..." READ MORE>>

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SYN Media launches its 2021 Podcast Incubator

The CBAA Award-winning Podcast Incubator is a mentoring and professional development program for emerging producers all under the age of 26. Producers in the program receive... READ MORE>>>

2020 AFTRS Graduate Program Announced

Excerpt: Chris Oliver-Taylor, CEO Asia Pacific, Fremantle Media, said: "As such, we are delighted to be working with Grace Anderson, who is another example of world-class AFTRS-developed Australian talent...” READ MORE>>>

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