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girl c0ded

A 10 minute queer rap musical

Girl Coded is West Wing meets Mean Girls - a dynamic, political drama that reflects the authentic and diverse inner worlds of teen girls.


Starring Heartbreak High’s breakout actress Chloe Hayden and the non-binary actor of Neighbours Kath Ebbs, it is a playfully serious portrayal of love and teenagerhood in the digital age, and explores themes of reputation and morality.

"Desperate for power, ambitious tech nerd Robbie jumps on the opportunity to hack into her high school’s anonymous gossip and confessions page to weasel her way up the popularity ladder. Set up in their base camp of the IT room, Robbie and her loyal friend Ruth track IP addresses, place recording devices in their schools confessionals booth, and use rumours and gossip they hear to slowly uncover the identities behind every post on the page. But as tensions grow between Ruth’s moral compass and Robbie’s unconscionable actions, Ruth reveals a secret that blows their project (and friendship) wide open."

The story development and the production of this short film were both at the forefront of inclusive filmmaking in the Australian industry, as this project was driven by 15 young adults with disabilities who attend Bus Stop Films - Accessible Film Studies Program at AFTRS. The students had worked on developing the story, set design, colour palette, costumes and more, and were on the set working shoulder to shoulder with members of the queer screen industry community. Collaboration, inclusion and storytelling all wrapped up in a funny, honest and entertaining teen drama. 

This 10 minute short was created as a proof-of-concept for a larger web-series currently in development. The short film is currently in it's festival run.

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A 60 minute queer rom-com musical podcast

Cheesy, gay and sappy, this rom-com musical podcast was produced through SYN Media’s Podcast Incubator Program and funded through the Community Broadcast Foundation. It stars fiercely intelligent and somewhat unhinged twins Darcy and Chloe who were thrust into the world’s eye from a young age by their popstar mother.


Constantly compared and scrutinized in frequent newspaper dissections, the twins have a long competitive streak and walls so thick they’ve pushed one another out of their lives. Now in their final semester of high school and ready to end their life-long competition, the two have devised a bucket list bet of high school activities based on the absolute pinnacles of cinema that are late 90s and early 00’s films like '10 Things I Hate About You'  'Clueless'. Filled with overused tropes and terrible jokes, ‘Twinemies’ is a story about the pressure to be perfect and have it all.


One day, ‘Twinemies’ will be on a musical stage, but for now, a short arc of the story has been produced in podcast form to test audience waters and prove that we do want some more queer, corny goodness in our lives.

Listen to the episodes here

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